Make clear agreements

Avoid disappointment by making clear agreements.
Ads that are too good to be true are usually not true either.


Do not transfer money, no matter how convincing the story may sound! Do not believe pathetic stories about sick family members, animals, closures, bailiffs, etc. We advise you to pay on the day of the date and give it personally to the sex worker in question.

Don't just pay in advance with Tikkie. There are people who send you a counterfeit Tikkie with which they can gain access to your bank account and can withdraw large amounts from your account without being asked.


Protect your privacy. Do not provide personal information. Be careful when talking about your work, family or home situation. Give few details and be very alert if someone asks for this correctly. If you send nude photos, always make sure your face is unrecognizable. There are people who look up your Facebook or Instagram and try to blackmail you by making public that you are active on Sexjobs.


View more ads to see what the average rates are. If advertising is far below the price, then they are often scammers. Do not comment on this!


If there is a photo with the advertisement that is too perfect. It could be a fake photo. If you don't trust it, ask for another photo. If you come across fake photos tell us! Always with the link where you found the photos.

Home / hotel reception

Make sure you know the price in advance and ask what you can expect on arrival. It is not unusual for a sex worker not to give his or her address directly, but only to give it when you are in the area. That does not have to be a reason for distrust. Do ask in advance what happens next. If the situation is different than previously discussed, e.g. more people present than agreed, go home immediately. Do not fall for tricks such as handing over money at apartment complexes to people who say that the sex worker is waiting for you. You can be sure that the birds have flown and you ring the bell at an address where no sex worker is present. Don't do this! Also do not believe in chats that you should walk behind and give the money at the front. Trust that you will be scammed.


If an escort is visiting you and you pay in advance and the escort will bring the money to the driver for example. to refuel and leave a bag as collateral. In most cases this is a second-hand bag from the cycle and the escort will not return.
Do not hand over your money when the bell rings and the escort is sent later. Do not do this! In most cases you will lose your money.
Don't leave cell phones or other valuable things in sight.

Phone numbers

Do not call foreign telephone numbers other than 06 numbers or regular telephone numbers.

Fake profiles

If you have responded to an advertisement and you are sent to another dating or profile site, please notify us at and we will remove the advertisements.


Each ad shows the date how long the advertiser is active and how often the ad has been viewed. If an advertiser has been active for a long time, this usually means that no complaints have been received about this. Fraudsters always create new accounts and have the nicest and youngest sex workers on offer.

Always use your mind and follow your feelings!

What if it went wrong?

Always make a declaration!

Save a print screen of the advertisement or write down the advertisement number and save everything you have. Send us a report via the customer service form or send an e-mail to Describe as extensively as possible what your experience with this advertiser is, give the address details where you have been (if applicable), e-mail address (es), bank number (s), names etc. We will discreetly disclose the details you provide and never give it to third parties. We can i.v.m. do not provide feedback about the actions we have taken and discuss this with you.

We will not process reports without any substantiation.

Making false reports results in a permanent ban.