Make clear agreements

Avoid disappointment by making clear agreements.

Only mention the services that you actually do in your advertisement.

State your Borders

Clearly state your limits and say no if you do not trust something.

Watch over your Privacy

If you do not want family or friends to know that you are doing this work, be careful what name, email address, phone number and photos you use. This data can easily lead to other private data via Google.

Also don't talk about private or other personal matters during your date, these too can lead to unwanted situations.

Rich benefactors

These almost exclusively occur in fairy tales. Do not believe nice talk, you could be very disappointed.

Do not fall for tricks such as forgetting your wallet, changing money and having to pay a pin after the date, and do not get involved with business (illegal) proposals.

Forced prostitution

If you are forced yourself or need immediate help from the police, ambulance or fire brigade, call 112. If you want to remain anonymous, call Meld Misdaad Anoniem (telephone 0800-7000). Crime Anonymous is not part of the police and your report remains guaranteed Anonymous. You can also make anonymous online reports. Here too, you are guaranteed to remain anonymous.