Sexjobs is renewing!
One of the changes we started with is a new category page with Labels.

What is the idea behind this new category page?

The idea behind the new category page is that there is one list of ads per category and that there are no more subcategories. The old subcategories have been replaced by labels.

By selecting a label on the category page, you will only see the ads with that label in the list. In addition, on the category page you can further reduce the list of ads with filters (place / zip code and yes / no photos)

What does this mean for me as an advertiser?

You no longer have to advertise in different subcategories with the same ad. As a result, you only have to promote one ad (top up, Day blast, Top ad.)

Now with the new category page you can place one free ad per category. With an advertisement you can choose up to three labels.

The order of the list is as follows, first the 'Day bangers' then the 'Top ads' and then the regular ads.

What does this mean for me as a visitor?

You will be able to search more specifically for advertisements. By selecting labels, only advertisements that meet your needs will appear. If you don't select anything, you just get to see all the ads in the category. Now you can filter on location and photo with filters, but more filters will be added in the future.

Only one free ad per category

In the updated category view you can place one free ad.

If you have several ads in the category at the time of the transition, one will remain free, the other will be free for four weeks. If these four weeks have expired, the premium ads will go offline unless you renew them.

We would like to hear from you what you think of the updated category page and the use of labels. 

Even if you encounter a bug, you can pass it on to our customer service via the contact form.