Now that the updated categories view is ready, Sexjobs has taken the next step in the renewal process.
To make the ads more reliable in the future and to make the search easier, Sexjobs will introduce profiles. For example, you must now indicate whether you are going to advertise alone, as a couple or as a company and you must then create a profile.

Account choice

Everyone who logs in now or creates a new account has to choose how you want to advertise.

Personal (you alone)

  • You will only place ads for one person
  • Placing advertisements as a trio is not allowed
  • You can also choose this account if you only want to respond to advertisements

Couple (with two persons)

  • You are going to place ads for two people
  • Placing ads for one person is not allowed
  • It does not matter what the composition of this set is. (woman / woman woman / man man / man shemale / man)

Company (with several people)

  • You are going to place advertisements for a company.
  • You create a company profile, you create a separate profile for each staff member before you advertise.

Please note, your account choice cannot be changed afterwards, not even by customer service.


If you have not yet created a profile, you will have to create a profile as soon as you edit an existing advertisement or when you create a new advertisement. You must specify three things in your profile.

Your name

  • Make up a normal name
  • No contact information

You can change this name later

Your gender (you can choose from)

  • woman
  • man
  • Shemale

You can no longer adjust your gender yourself.

Your date of birth

  • Enter a realistic date of birth
  • Due to your entered birth date, we will later show your age with the advertisement

You cannot change your date of birth yourself later.