You can change your main e-mailaddres by yourself. Please follow these steps:

  • Log in to Sexjobs and go to  'My account'
  • In the 'Settings' block, click 'Change '
    Here you can enter your new e-mail address.

On this e-mail address you will now receive an e-mail with a link. Please click this link to confirm your e-mail address. Here after, you can use the e-mail address to log in.

Once you have already created an account with us with a certain e-mail address, it's not possible to add this e-mail address to another account, even not if the account of that e-mail address is inactive. You can then do three things:

  1. Delete that account (if you still have access to it) so that the e-mail address will become free to use again
  2. Use another e-mail address that is not yet known in our system
  3. Create a totally new e-mail address.