Photos can make an advertisement more appealing. Howerver there are a few conditions that your photo(s) must meet, in order to be put with your advertisemetn: 

  • The photos must be your own!
  • The photos must have been taken recently. (you are not allowed to use old photos of yourself)
  • It should not be internet photos.
  • There should be no other people in the photo (not even 'blurred' in the background.)
  • There are absolutely no children and (pet) animals in the photo. (Not even stuffed animals.)
  • There should be no text in the photo. (stories)
  • There should be no URLs, logos, email addresses, phone numbers and other social media in the photo.
  • Pictures with poo, vomit and blood are not allowed.

It is also possible that we have rejected your photos and have requested photo verification. We do this to make sure it is you in the photo.


  • the photo can't be bigger than 2.5 Mb and
  • the photo can't be larger than 2500 x 2500 pixels

On the website you can easily reduce your photos in size. (This website is not ours, it's just a simple tool we advise you.)

Photos will be shown in order of upload. Unfortunately it's not possible to drag and drop uploaded photos.

When you put a photo in which the face is (partly) visible, we can ask you for a photo verification. We do this so we know for sure it is you on the photo.