We want the advertisements on Sexjobs to be as reliable as possible.
To increase the reliability of the photos that are placed with an advertisement, we ask for a person verification.

PLEASE NOTE: you can find the person verification in your advertisement edit page.

How does a person verification work?
We ask you to upload two photos.

  • Photo 1 we ask for a selfie where you hold a Dutch or Belgian newspaper or receipt of today, so that we can determine that you are actually staying in the Netherlands or Belgium at the moment.

    Make sure that the date is clearly visible.

    We use this photo to check whether the photos were recently taken and whether you are in the Netherlands.

  • Photo 2 we ask for a clear selfie of your upper body so we can clearly see your body type and face.
    We use this photo as a reference to compare all the photos that you place with your advertisement.

If you have an account as a couple, you must both be on the two verification photos. 

Please note, photos 1 & 2 will not be made public and will not be visible with the advertisement.