Online services are services where there is no physical contact, but only digital contact (eg via Whatsapp or Skype.) Online services are only permitted in the Cam & Telefoonsex category. You can indicate with a label which services you provide online.

  • Phone sex > For horny phone calls
  • Whatsapp, SMS & kik > For contact via Whatsapp, SMS or kik
  • Webcams > For webcam services such as Skype
  • Online femdom > Online SM services

Promotion of other (paid) platforms is not allowed.

Additional terms for online services

Unfortunately there a lot of scams and fraud appear in these categories. Thererore advertisements in this category are being extra moderated and additional rules apply here:

  • To be able to advertise in an online category, ID verification is required
  • The ad must have a verified phone number (excluding the webcam category)
  • It is only allowed to advertise for the person from whom we have received the ID-proof
  • No internet photos may be used

An advertisement for online services will always queued for review by a moderator, after every change, no matter how small. Therefore, change your advertisements on weekdays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to have the biggest chance to get back online the same day. If you do this outside of these hours, it may take longer for your advertisement to be online.