Try to make your advertisement text as nice and appealing as possible. Describe clearly what you are looking for or offering, to avoid misunderstandings. Also make sure that you put the advertisement in the right category, with the right label(s).

Here are some advertising rules:

  • It is not allowed to mention personal data in the advertisement text. There are separate fields for e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Last name and hojme address details should not be mentioned at all.
  • Begging advertisements are not allowed (pathetic stories, immediate money needed, etc.)
  • It is not allowed to ask for or offer extremely large amounts of money.
  • Asking or offering a loan / advance / investment / etc. is not allowed.
  • Asking or offering drugs and other narcotics is not allowed.
  • Asking or offering tutoring (homework / (graduation) / thesis supervision) is not allowed.
  • Requesting or offering driver services is not allowed.
  • Asking or offering security services is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to ask for living and /or working space.
  • Offering working space is only allowed for Sexjobs verified companies.
  • Public locations such as hotels, (holiday) parks and other non-erotic locations should not be mentioned by name. Locations may be described. (Eg 'the hotel halfway on the A63.')
  • There is no section for 'lost contacts'
  • It is not allowed to indicate so-called 'fakers' in an advertisement (you can report this to Customer Service.)
  • The sections under 'Gangbang' must clearly state time, date, place and the lady/ladies.
  • Only texts in Dutch or English are accepted.
  • Advertising your pregnancy is not allowed

If your text does not comply with the rules, the advertisement will be rejected.