If you have been scammed by an advertiser, please report it to us. Make sure you have the advertisement number, otherwise we won't be able to register your report. Unfortunately, when an advertisement has been removed after the scam, we can no longer register the report.
Every report we receive will be considered seriously. As soon as we find any reason, we will take further steps. We never make any statements about this, but it goes without saying that we also benefit from reliable advertisers.
Send your report via the customer service form or send an e-mail to support@sexjobs.nl. Describe your experience as detailed as possible, give us as much information as possible, such as address details, names, etc. and maybe you can provide us with proof, like e-mails and/or screenshots of Whatsapp conversations. (It s not possible to send attachments via the customer service form.) In any case, keep everything that could serve as proof. We will treat the data you provide us utter most discreetly and we will never share it with third parties.

Reports without any substantional explanation, will not be taken in consideration. It's also not necessary to report an advertiser more than once. Our team is specialised in filtering and reviewing reports. Making false reports can result in a (temporary) ban for you.

We always advise you to make a report of it with the police.